His quirky persona is known by everyone, but who said witty and weird couldn’t charm those all around? Osman Khalid B., the versatile artist of Pakistan’s media industry has broken all barriers when it comes to his achievements!

Osman Khalid B.

Here’s a challenge, can we state Osman’s achievements in one go? From his achievements in theatre, as a mime artist, choreographer, an actor for both film and television, producer, director, scriptwriter, YouTube vlogger, a model, editor and published writer! You had to take a breath in between, didn’t you? Perhaps, in that case, we shouldn’t even try to count his performance awards! Osman, famous for his witty and weird humor is definitely much more than his popular frivolous trait. Observing his choice of projects through the media literacy lens it is evident that Osman’s depth of personality is a trait that dominates his persona and it would do injustice to him to not bring it forth. His latest project, Baaghi, is centralized around the taboo topic of honor killing in Pakistan which differs from the usual genres of drama, romance, and comedy where Osman is seen bewitching his audiences.

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Magazine4You could not hold-back feeding off the mind of Osman Khalid B., here are Hira Hyder’s 7Qs with Pakistan’s versatile artist!

1. Hira Hyder: A common ideology the younger generation adhere to is, being ‘indifferent’ is ‘cool’. Why is it essential to be emotionally intelligent?

Osman Khalid B.: Because an emotionally stunted person is ultimately self-destructive. We’re so concerned with what our ‘image’ is, how we’re ‘perceived’. We suppress what we think is ‘uncool’ in the eyes of, who, exactly? Who are we so desperate to please? Why conform, act ‘normal’ when there is no normal. A rich emotional vocabulary helps us navigate through life infinitely better prepared; affects our thoughts, our actions, our behavior in a positive manner. This is not opinion; this is fact. End rant.

2. Hira Hyder: Honor killing is commonly ‘validated’ by stating a woman’s ‘character’ is ill and she ‘had it coming’; how would you annul that statement?

Osman Khalid B.: So misogyny, sexism, a host of other -isms aside, now our women must act Stepford-made lest their actions bring shame upon others? Bull. Sh*t. Who put the burden of ‘honor’ on women? Who gave any man the right to act as a judge, jury, and executioner based on his myopic twisted ideology of what constitutes an ‘honorable’ woman? There is NO validation for murder. There is no ‘honor’ in cold-blooded murder.

3. Hira Hyder: How can a man’s role play in the society evolve the mentalities about respecting a woman regardless of her ‘reputation’?

Osman Khalid B.: You answered your own question there: RESPECT her. Empathize, don’t pass judgment. Empower her. Set an example. Memorize and PRACTICE everything on this list:


4. Hira Hyder: Writing is a powerful medium of media; as a writer yourself, what flourished your writing skills to impact your readers?

Osman Khalid B.: Reading. A lot. Getting into the skin of my characters; not just observing them from a distance.

Finally: never intellectualizing emotions.

Osman Khalid B.

5. Hira Hyder: Decency is important, but ‘chichorpan‘ (quirkiness) is essential! How has that aided you in smooth-sailing through life’s intense phases?

Osman Khalid B.: It’s reminded me never to take myself too seriously; acting stupid at times is sweet therapy. Nothing cuts tension like an off-color joke.

6. Hira Hyder: Unshakable friendship is what births true love; though in today’s time when everyone’s reality is often masked, what can unveil unconditional friendship?

Osman Khalid B.: The complete and utter lack of expectation. The freedom to allow someone to be their unfiltered, uncensored selves. Honesty.

7. Hira Hyder: Spotted at Platform 9 3/4, you’ve exposed the Wizarding world! As a fan, write your fave Harry Potter⚡️ quote with your autograph and send a picture of it!

Osman Khalid B.

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