Hi Christine,

I know that women really like it when a guy has a good sense of humor but what does that really mean? I consider myself a funny guy. I have noticed though that sometimes when I’m interacting with women my humour works as an ice-breaker and other times it doesn’t. What do you think I’m doing wrong?



Dear DM,

Much like you men we, women, truly do love to laugh. If you can make us laugh, you automatically become more attractive to us. Humor is huge and is a key ingredient in the success of long-term relationships.  Really, if you can’t laugh together, forget about it, it’s not going to work – you will only get on each other’s nerves.

When first getting to know a woman, your style of humor needs to show self-esteem and confidence. Even giving yourself a back-handed compliment is great. Be charming and be a bit cheeky.

Do not, under any circumstances use self-deprecating humor. It only causes us to actually see you in that very light. I remember a gentleman joking to a client of mine about his lack of sexual prowess and even though he was just joking,  it was a huge turn-off to her. You could just tell he was somewhat serious and this became the only thing she could think about for the rest of the date. Her desire to kiss him went from an 8 to a zero.

So I repeat, do not cut yourself down in front of us and try to pass it off as a joke”

One of the best ways to express humor is through teasing us. We love it and it makes us feel like you are paying attention to our uniqueness. Winks, nudges, and placing your arm around us while you playfully make fun of our need to read every item on the menu before we can decide are all ways to express humor.

Bottom line. Keep it light and flirtatious. Do not go into the dark side, do not put yourself or her down and make sure you are tasteful in your timing.

Live Love,


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