Cuffing season is on its way! If you are not familiar with this term, it’s used to describe the  cooler months of the year, when people suddenly want to be in a relationship (Because who wants to leave the house and got out into the freezing street to meet people?). From Autumn to Winter, the weather gets colder but our hearts get warmer as we cuddle and love our new boos. While we haven’t seen any hard scientific studies on the topic, it’s common wisdom that once summer comes to an end, many people tend to want to be in a serious, steady relationship rather than something more casual. So, how do you feel about cuffing season, dear reader? Do you want a companion to keep you warm when its chilly? Or, would you rather fly solo in a society of love birds? Well, if you are considering cuffing, we’ve got some advice for you!

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cuffing season

First things first, you have to know what you want before you become entranced by a relationship. Sit down with yourself for a while and ask yourself, “What do I want?” You may think getting into a relationship is no big deal, but it can actually be a recipe for disaster if you and the other person aren’t on the same page regarding what you want – regardless about how much you like them.

Be upfront about what you want from the start. Tell the other person how serious (or not serious), you envision this relationship becoming. That’s because there is no way to guess or be certain of someone’s intentions or feelings towards you until you ask them.

cuffing season

Let’s say that you do want a relationship, that’s great! You are always entitled to want what you want, and this is the perfect time for that particular request. However, if you really want a relationship, you also have to be weary of letting your desires for a relationship cloud your vision when choosing with whom you want to be involved. If you go into a romance more excited about being in a relationship rather than the person you are with, you might not be ready to commit to anyone at all… Yes, relationships are great, but they’re not not just fun and games. A relationship will thrive beautifully when both parties involved are putting in equal effort, and have equal interest in making it work. It’s just not fair to your romantic partner if they’re all in, and you’re just playing a part.

cuffing season

With the hustle and bustle cuffing season, comes those souls who do, truly, just want to be alone. And you know what? That’s fine, too! Maybe you’ve just gotten out of a relationship and need some time to yourself? Maybe you have other priorities? Maybe the right person just hasn’t come along? Or, maybe, you would rather be single – and that it totally okay! Remember, it isn’t a bad thing not to date someone. You don’t have to settle down just because everyone else is. Do not let the pressures of cuffing season make you feel inadequate or lacking in the love department.

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cuffing season

Last, but certainly not least – if you want to be in a relationship and you like the person you’re seeing, GO FOR IT! Just because this season is stereotypically known for the abrupt emerging of relationships left and right, that doesn’t mean your new-coming relationship isn’t valid or the feelings aren’t “real”. If you find someone you click with and you both want to date, just focus on what you have. Who cares if your friends make fun of you for succumbing to the pressure of cuffing season? All that matters is that you and your partner(s) are happy!

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