The weather has changed and there’s nothing we can do to about it. The temperatures have dropped and the winds have started to howl. I can tell you what to wear for this type of weather, what style coat or jacket to invest in, and how many layers to put on to keep warm, but we have covered that already and will continue to discuss clothing and wardrobe for the season. We have not however, discussed the fact that this weather is wreaking havoc on skin, resulting in flakes, scales, and cracks. If this sounds painful, you’re correct.

Your skin will belong to you forever. We may shed an obscene amount of layers each day, week, month…but regardless of how many layers vanish, we keep revealing more. It is these new layers of our epidermis that must be protected. Treating your skin well will, of course, prevent lasting skin damage and premature aging, but it is not this that speaks to the man; it is what you look like right now that speaks loudly, right? You have noticed that your skin has begun to dry out since the summer, has become scaly, has perhaps begun to flake, and in extreme cases has even started to crack. Such results are pretty preventable with simple fixes. As you try and keep everything as simple as possible, and this absolutely includes your skin regime, try using a multi-purpose balm for these dry patches – lips, hands, cuticles, feet, elbows, etc. You may be wary at first, as it may seem like you are using lip balm for purposes other than that which it was meant for. I have a secret though….that’s okay! Look for a product with a matte finish, is either unscented or has a scent you enjoy, and is safe to use on ALL areas (specifically lips and eye area). No one enjoys holding a scaly hand or kissing chapped lips. Remedy the situation now, so you can enjoy this winter in its entirety.

Here are some great balm options to check out:

Lush Ultrabalm )

Essential Kit Multipurpose Wonder Balm )

SoySilk Healing Balms )

Eucerin Aquaphor Soothing Skin Balm (

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