I love watching the various ways in which children learn to communicate their  needs. Our daughter has just learned how to point and has made it clear that she  cannot sleep until she gets the ‘stuffy’ that sits on the shelf beside her bed.  Watching my daughter learn to express herself, made me think about how simple  communication can be but how complicated I sometimes make it. For example, at  times I expect my friends to telepathically know how I’m feeling, even if I haven’t  spoken to them in awhile. I often expect my husband to somehow know…just  know, you know? And I want my 5 year old son to understand that sarcasm doesn’t  mean that I want him to actually do what I am saying.

Family Communicating

It has always been so difficult for me to acknowledge that sometimes I may need  company, nurturing or rest and the courage to ask for such support(s). I guess  being vulnerable has never been my strong suit. So, as I cross my arms, stamp my  feet and pout because I am not getting what I need, I have only myself to blame.  And the most difficult thing to acknowledge is that I need my friends and family  more than anything. They support, challenge, inspire and love me and somehow I  have made it difficult for them to get to know who I really am. What a  conundrum.

So yes, I get it. Our vulnerability helps connects us to one another. We are all  afraid of being hurt, judged, disliked or rejected and being vulnerable allows us to  know that we are worth loving, quirks, wrinkles and all. Communication is  something we do everyday. It is a way we can connect, love and express ourselves  and leave our unique imprint in the world.  What are you saying today? I’m listening.

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