At what point do you know that you’ve fallen in love and met your other half?  Some say they knew the minute they laid eyes on each other, while others still struggle with the idea of soul mates or spending the rest of their life with one person.  Whether you’re confused about love or in a fulfilling relationship, this article may help you figure out if your search for true love is nearing its end.   

Are You With The One

Here are 10 signs that you’re no longer eligible, officially off the market, and possibly with the love of your life.

1.     You Think About Them All The Time

If you think about your partner as soon as you open your eyes in the morning, send them pointless messages during the day, or yearn to hear their voice before bed, chances are you’ve met somebody unlike the rest.  Being genuinely interested in their feelings, well-being, aspirations, goals, health, and desires shows you truly care.

2.     You Make Time For Them

With life being so busy, making time for a relationship can feel overwhelming – until, you’ve met your match.  When you’re in love, your partners’ happiness is as important as your own.  In your previous relationships, perhaps you wouldn’t dare give up your 6pm yoga class or your night out with the boys, but with ‘the one,’ things are a bit different.  You enjoy spending time together so much that you’re more than willing to pass on other offers.  

3.     You Share Your Fears With Them

Nobody said opening up was easy, especially if you have underlying trust issues.  However, when you meet your match, sharing your deepest fears or secrets with them feels natural.

4.     You Finish Each Others’ Sentences

When you catch yourself doing this, you know you’re deeply connected with this person. 

5.     You Are Comfortable With Them and Don’t Feel Judged

We are all familiar with those moments of awkward silence, but when you’re in love, there is no awkward silence.  You are comfortable just being you and you don’t have to fill the space or continuously entertain your partner.

6.     You Plan For ‘Your’ Future Together

If you can’t imagine your life without this person, you may have met your soul mate.  If he or she is all that you need and everything else pales in comparison, this could be it! 

7.     You Are Over Your Past Relationships

Letting go of your exes is not always easy, but when you’ve met your ‘other half’, you question what you even saw in your exes.  Forgiving your exes and being thankful for what you’ve learned from them is a crucial part of relationship detoxification.  In order to move forward, you’ve got to let go of the past.

8.     You Find Their Quirky Habits Amusing, Rather Than Annoying

Whether they like to shower four times per day or stand on their head before bed to increase blood flow, you find their habits cute and love them for their unique attributes.

9.     You Are Sexually Compatible

When you’ve met your soul mate, you’re connected mentally, emotionally, and physically.  Chemistry can make or break a relationship and being physically in tune with each other is typically a non-negotiable.  Simply put – you’ve got to have great chemistry and be well-matched in the bedroom

10.  You Compromise With A Smile

You’ve probably heard this before – success in relationships is dependent upon compromise.  If you’re finally comfortable with doing what he or she wants without feeling resentful, you may have met your better half.

I’m not sure if ‘soul mate’ has a true definition.  All I know is that these 10 signs may indicate that you’ve met somebody pretty special.  On the other hand, if you feel like your life is a puzzle, and you’re still looking for some missing pieces, you probably haven’t met your ‘other half’ just yet. 

Remember, “Life is a journey.  Not a destination.” Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Cheers to healthy and happy dating, as you search for ‘the one.’


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