Facebook is fantastic for finding old friends and even old girlfriends.

One day I came across a familiar name on a friends profile page. Could it actually be the name of my first girlfriend from grade five or was it just a coincidence? I messaged my suspected first love asking if it was in fact her. To help her memory I reminded her of those times we used to kiss for what seemed like hours in the underground parking lot. Ah yes, young and naïve necking sessions on cold winter days. For me those memories were as clear as yesterday.

She wrote back that not only didn’t she recall any underground parking activities but she also didn’t even recognize my name!

I was shocked! In a follow up email we confirmed that it was indeed my sweetheart, but the sad fact remained….I was not memorable.

Being memorable in all that we do is important. Being memorable in the dating world is a must.

Here are some suggestions for being memorable on a date:

  1. Be unique. Image consultants suggest to accessorize with something appropriate but interesting. I once purchased a jacket that included the figure of a bird as a lapel pin. When I first saw it I thought to myself “I’ll be removing that pin in a hurry”.  For some reason I decided to leave it and it turned out to be a notable conversation piece.
  2. Be better. Anyone take a date to a movie. Someone memorable sets up a movie screen in the backyard for an outdoor movie night!
  3. Be fun.  Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals.
  4. Be grateful. Say thank you to your date in appreciation for the effort or their company. People who show their gratitude get remembered.

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  1. Jennifer Aucoin

    Gary, rest assured you are definitely a memorable person! Her loss if she doesn’t remember kissing sessions from grade 5 and she missed out on reminiscing with a great person.

    1. Eligible Inc.

      Thank you Jennifer, that’s very sweet of you!

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