The tradition of coal-fired pizza has finally made its way into Ontario as Angelo’s Coal Fired Pizza opens its first franchise North of the border. Having started in Boston, owner Joe Rizzo and Canadian partner Jose Geada have decided to open the young franchise’s second ever location in Toronto.

The owners have completely renovated the St. Lawrence Market area property to create an elegantly casual space with a range of textures such as exposed brick walls, wood tables, and Edison light bulbs that cast a warm glow. With another location under construction in Massachusetts, plans for more locations in Toronto and Florida are already in the works.

Angelo's Caprese Salad
Angelo’s Caprese Salad

With the addition of a 32 sq. ft. TerraLuxe oven, reaching temperatures of 900 degrees and using 150 lbs of coal a day, the kitchen can churn out pizza and wings, cooked to perfection. The oven is the largest to be shipped, delivered and installed in Canada.

Wings are brined and roasted in the coal-fired oven while the coals give the thin pizza crust a charred crispiness and crunch – hiding the softness inside. The pizza dough is a secret family recipe used only at Angelo’s.

Angelo's Coal Fired Wings
Angelo’s Coal Fired Wings

There are 17 delicious pizzas to choose from. Margarita with cherry tomatoes, basil, tomato sauce and flore di latte, is the perfect light pizza to enjoy for a laid-back meal. For those that want to really spoil their taste buds, the Goodfella is covered in tomato sauce, mozzarella, bianco Italian sausage, carmelized onions, roasted red peppers, garlic and extra virgin olive oil.

Angelo's Margherita Pizza
Angelo’s Margherita Pizza

If finger food isn’t your thing, the pasta’s on the menu are delicious.  A lighter satisfying choice is the Tagliolini all Olio. The thin, long pasta is sprinkled with garlic, chillies, and pecorino romano. On the heavier side is the Orrecchiette Pan. Made with Grana Padano cheese, the creamy pasta has crumbled Italian sausage, bitter rapini, chickpeas, and chillies!

Angelo's Orecchiette Pasta
Angelo’s Orecchiette Pan

There’s no way you can enjoy a fine meal without a glass of wine… or maybe a bottle! Angelo’s has over 50 wines from regions of Italy, California, Australia, New Zealand, Chile and France.

Angelo's Mojito
Angelo’s Mojito

The restaurant offers a fine Italian-inspired cuisine, with sharable portions that promote family outings.

Angelo’s Coal Fired Pizza is located at 106 Front Street East.

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