There’s nothing like the arrival of summer sun to stir up a sense of optimism and adventure for the days to come. A craving to explore the world, thoughts of romance and a desire to stay out until all hours mixing and mingling with attractive strangers. For the 14+ million Canadian singles wondering where they should go, here are the 5 best places to meet someone special in the summer.

Roof Top Bars And Patios

Meeting at a bar can seem like a no brainer but there’s something about lounging on a patio that brings out our social side. To make the most of the evening women need to smile and flirt, let the guy know you’re interested and that it’s ok to talk to you. For the guys it’s your job to pick up her cues and come over. For an uptown vibe check out a roof top bar and for a more casual atmosphere try a neighborhood patio.

Play The Field

Summer is filled with opportunities to get some fresh air, exercise and expand your social circle. Beach Volley Ball, Soccer, Soft Ball, Frisbee, pick something that you’ve always wanted to try or maybe something that even scares you a little and go for it. For more ideas check out or

Accept All Invitations

Along with the heat, summer brings more invites to social events – parties, bbq’s, beach get-togethers, and work gatherings. Accept all invitations even if you’re not so hot on the event or are feeling shy. For many it’s the getting there that’s the hardest part. Set a goal to talk to at least 3 other guests that you don’t know and after that you can leave. If you’re like most people you’ll end up finding that you’re enjoying yourself after all.

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Think Similar But Different

Set yourself up for adventure and challenge yourself to try one new thing that you wouldn’t normally do every week. Many times the person you seek is similar but active in areas that you don’t usually participate in.  If you’re sporty and enjoy daily runs alone then join a run club. If you love traditional art then explore galleries or events that hold modern or performance art.  If you love going to upscale lounges try a sports pub. If you love movies, go see a play for a change.

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Become The Person You Want To Date

Like attracts like. As a Dating Coach my advice for people that really want to find love is to become the person they want to date and then create opportunities for yourself.  The more you work on who you are, get out and do the things you love while expanding your social circle the greater your chances are of finding the right person.

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Where was the best place you ever met someone in the summer?

I’d love to hear your story share it below!

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  1. JANET

    Sorry , but i can’t agree with some of them ,like “”accept all invitations “”. I am 48 years old and i have some experience , so is not a good idea to accept all invitations, is wasting time and you can do better with your time than wasting like this !

    1. Deanna C

      Hi Janet,
      Thank you for your comment. When looking for love there is a direct correlation between how many people you meet on a weekly basis and how soon you find love. The more opportunities you take to meet new people the greater the chances are that you’ll make a special connection. There are two times a year that have an increase in social events, Summer is one and Christmas is the other and both give singles the perfect chance to meet new people.
      Humans thrive on creating and maintaining strong social bonds, so while it’s true that you can’t expect to get a date every time you go to an event, you can expect to strengthen your current friendships and expand your social circle. You never know who you’ll meet or where new roads will take you. That new friend you met at a summer BBQ might have someone to set you up with or it might lead you to meeting another person that becomes a part of your life. It’s really all about perspective and creating and maximizing the opportunities available to you.

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