Dating can be scary, putting your heart out there again and again, being vulnerable and facing uncertainty. To help you navigate the early stages of dating, I’m sharing with you 3 signs that you can watch for, so you can clearly tell whether or not a guy is into you and relax and have more fun right from Day One.

When You Have Him Before Hello

This first sign is great to look for anytime you’re out and about, getting coffee, in a bar, restaurant or going to meet a blind date / online date for the first time. When a man first lays eyes on you, if he’s attracted to you, his body will react, and you’ll see a subtle change in his facial expression. This reaction will be a slightly surprised look, his eyes will widen, eyebrows will raise and his lips will part.

Signs A Guy Is Into You

Have you ever heard that men are visual? There’s a reason for that! Men have 25x more neurons in their eyes than women. So when he reacts with this expression, that’s his body’s way of saying oh wow, I’m physically attracted and into you and I’m taking you all in.

This is also a really great thing to keep in mind if you’re ever feeling somewhat insecure or not overly confident about your appearance. You can remind yourself that men are highly visual and that look means that he really, likes you EXACTLY as you are.

He might also make some other subtle unconscious movements like adjusting his tie, collar, belt or smoothing his hair.

Speaking Of…First Impressions

Signs A Guy Is Into You

The second sign is that he will often talk A LOT!

I hear this complaint all the time from women who are really frustrated that so many men seem to go on and on about themselves and never ask anything about them. Which is actually funny, because on the flip side I hear women in relationships complaining that they can’t get their man to talk enough!

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On the first few dates, a man talking a lot, sharing all his wins and accomplishments is actually a very good sign that he wants to impress you! And honestly most of the time he’s so focused on wooing you that he’s not even aware that he’s being rude. The best way to deal with it is to just jump in with “That’s really great / that’s so interesting, it reminds me of this one time I….” and start a two-way conversation.

The Flow State

The third sign is that he will ask you out and want to spend time with you, there’s going to be a natural flow.  As long as this is happening, you can put the “does he?” or “doesn’t he?” questions away, and start to put the focus back onto you.

This is very important, because if you constantly focus your energy into “chose me” rather than “I’m the chooser”, you’re tapping into the fear energy of lack and unworthiness. Which actually pushes men away, even if they start out into you.

Signs A Guy Is Into You

As you go through the dating processes, look for the signs, but always take the time to check in with yourself as to how you’re feeling about him. Observe his qualities, integrity, words, and actions and if he really is the high-quality man that you are looking for.

Yes, dating can be scary, but it can also be thrilling, (butterflies, holding hands, first kisses anyone?), my hope is for you to take these signs so that you can leave fear energy behind and relax into the flow and fun that dating can hold.



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