Have you ever said something while you were upset only to regret your outburst later?

Managing your emotions is essential to sustain any loving relationship. The next time you are angry and feel the need to “talk things out”, take a moment to liberate yourself from overwhelm and get into a more balanced state of mind.

This is one of our favorite exercises to help you gain perspective, give yourself the love and empathy you deserve and work out your feelings before you take it out on your relationship. This is also particularly helpful when you feel confused, disempowered or are unable to get into dialogue to work things out in any of life’s situations.

Find a quiet place to reflect and fill in the following phrases with whatever comes to you. In the end it will read like a letter and you feel immediately liberated.  Don’t sensor yourself; be brutally truthful – as this always sets you free.

Use this as often as necessary – no prescription required.

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1. I get angry when: 

2. My feelings are hurt when:

3. I am really sad because:

4. I am scared because:

5. I know that my part is: 

6. I understand that: 

7. What I know is:

8. What I want is:

9. I hope that:

10. I appreciate (what I appreciate about you / myself / the situation is…) 

11. From now on I will:

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